cable packaging

maurer electronic gmbh supplies practically all types of cabling, in all cross-sections and kinds of cladding.

We find customised solutions for all requirements with our experienced partners.


We keep a stock of all common connector types from Amphenol and Harting to TE.

By arrangement we will also stock special connectors required by you in order to deliver orders quickly and flexibly


Crimping options from 0.2mm² to 240mm² are available. Our tool section includes all common handheld crimpers, pneumatic crimping (ITT, Harting, TE Connectivity), power crimping of conduit shoes up to 300mm² and hydraulic compression (T&B shield connections, conduit shoes, ITT Cannon CGE connectors, 95 and 240mm²)


We offer all kind of labelling and identification, from cable to sleeve printing. 

We label all quantities, from the first module onwards.