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Quality standards

DIN EN ISO 14001 since 04.02.2010. The acceptance test is conducted annually by an external auditor.

Quality management means that all tasks in the company are performed according to set rules. In this way, we ensure the consistently high, specified and transparent quality of all our services and products.

So, as our customer, you can always be sure of the best possible support. As a basis, we have clarified and visualised all process flows in all work areas and bindingly defined the responsibilities of all employees. All of this is precisely specified in our two separately drafted manuals.

Quality is not a new concept for maurer electronic gmbh. The highest requirements and standards are demanded especially in the manufacture of lines and wires for the aerospace industry. And this is where quality management comes in:
in the transparent documentation of process flows, on-going adaptation to changes and methodically verification of all operational processes not only benefit customers, but also employees. Regular audits monitor whether quality-relevant factors are recorded as necessary, conclusions drawn in order to initiate improvements and necessary modifications duly implemented. This clearly illustrates that certification is not a one-off effort, but stands for the consistent active cultivation of our quality management system.

Dietmar Gösele and Marco Ihle have engaged intensively with the quality management, showing great commitment, and they will keep the QM system going strong. In February 2015, with the support of the TÜg GmbH, represented by Mr B. Bochtler, we successfully completed recertification in the areas of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 14001:2009 by DAkkS akkredierte Technische Überwachungsgemeinschaft.

We comply with existing legislations, especially in our dealings with hazardous goods and waste material. We favour resource-efficient production methods and actively promote their use. In 2009 we erected a 33 kWh photovoltaic plant on the rooftop of our new warehouse and planted 2 hectares of native deciduous trees on a former green space in order to set our Co² balance sheet on an even keel.

Our environmental certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 commits us to working with eco-friendly solutions in our production and using less material, transport and energy wherever possible.

This high standard of quality is appreciated and valued by our customers. Elected “Best Finished Part Supplier”, we have won the supplier award of Rolls Royce Power Systems AG for many years, and we are rated as A-supplier by various customers.

"We aim for top quality in all product lines"

Otto Maurer


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